You may be downsizing, giving a refresh to your home, moving, or wanting to get rid of your old furniture; there are many reasons for donating it. Not all furniture items are meant to stay in your home forever. The good thing is that many volunteer organizations and charities can readily accept your furniture donations. Many nonprofits rely on donated furniture to support the people they help. Many are engaged in building homes or providing living spaces for the homeless. Many others raise funds via thrift store sales or share the furniture with people who cannot afford them.

So why should you donate furniture? Explore the different ways it can make a difference in your own life and someone else’s life.

How is Used Furniture Still Worth Money?

Selling a used piece of furniture will not make a big difference in your finances. However, it could mean a lot to them when a nonprofit organization or a needy family gets it. A little effort by a volunteer can help someone turn your furniture into a hundred dollars or more. The chances are that a piece of furniture may not be valuable to you, and it can be of great value to someone else.

How Donating Furniture is More Convenient

It will be a difficult and time-consuming task if you want to sell large furniture pieces such as dining tables or sofas. It will mean the following:

  • You will have to make efforts to find a buyer.
  • It can take hours to take pictures and advertise them online
  • The item may have to sit on your curb for days

You may make an exception for a few expensive pieces. For the rest, it is best to consider donating them. When you donate your furniture to a charitable organization, they will pick it up from your place. There is no need to take the time to market or make all the effort. All the effort you will have to make is making a phone call, and the piece of furniture will be removed from your place.

How Can Donated Furniture Help Others?

You may have dining chairs in your home that no longer match the table? They may perfectly match and complete someone else’s set. If an old bed frame cannot hold a mattress, it may be turned into another piece of furniture with some creativity. The people at a charity may have just the right ideas to make the most of furniture pieces that do not offer any more value to you.

How Can Furniture Donations Provide Tax Advantages?

There are different types of donations that provide certain types of tax benefits to the donors. When you donate your old furniture to an accredited nonprofit organization, you can write it off on your income tax return. You can thus make potential savings on your tax bill. It is important to get a receipt that can be included with your tax paperwork.

How Donating Furniture Can Help the Environment

There is another side to your effort in donating your used furniture for charity purposes. You will not only be helping people who cannot afford furniture, but it will also be an environment-friendly effort. Instead of letting your old furniture sit on the curb or in the backyard and deteriorate, you will be turning it into something more helpful to others. You will also be preventing it from making it to landfills.

As old furniture breaks down, it can release various gases and compounds into the environment, and a donation can prevent this from happening. Some nonprofit volunteer organizations actively seek such donations to contribute to the lives of needy people.

How Donating Furniture is Paying it Forward?

Most homes have one or more pieces of furniture received as gifts. Selling them may seem to be an unreasonable or awkward thing to do when you no longer use them. Donating such items can be paying the gesture forward. It can be just as you are giving a gift to someone else. And that someone else will be in real need of the furniture, making you feel great about the whole experience.

How Donating Used Furniture is Giving back to the Community

When you donate something, you will make an effort to give back to the Community. There are many reasons to donate furniture, but this one has more emotional feelings attached to it. An old piece of furniture may no longer be helpful to you, but many others need it and cannot afford it. Such an act will make you feel privileged to give something to someone that can prove to be an invaluable gift.

Where Should You Donate Your Used Furniture?

Once you decide to donate furniture, you will need to find the proper charitable organization, such as habitat for humanity. Many nonprofits and charities require furniture donations. The condition of your items will have to be considered too. The item should be in good enough shape to be usable. It is best to contact the organization and ask. They can share a list of items that they accept.

What are the Other Alternatives to Donating Furniture?

Selling is easily the first thought that comes to mind if you do not want to donate your furniture to an organization such as Habitat for Humanity Restore Summerville, SC. As mentioned above, it is going to take some effort and time to sell the item. If you do not have the time to sell your used furniture yourself, you can get the help of a local used furniture store. You will have to bring the item to the store and have them list it. In such scenarios, the store takes most of the amount from the sale.

Thus, donating you are old and used furniture makes much more sense. You can contact Dorchester Habitat for Humanity Summerville SC to handle the entire process. We can assess the furniture you want to donate and help save your valuable time. Feel free to call us at (843) 851-1414 or write to us using this Online Form.

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