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New Future Homeowner: Ariell Burgess

Ariell Burgess is a single mother of three who moved from Clemson, SC, five years ago to start a new life for her family. She didn’t take homeownership seriously until about six months into the COVID-19 pandemic. “That was...

Michele’s Letter

“Hello. My name is Michele. My son and I are currently living in low-income housing (apartment). My son is 6 years old. I made the decision to move into low-income housing for two reasons. The first was that I was not able to afford the rent at my previous residence. The second was to save money to get a house. I have been able to save money, but unfortunately, not near enough.

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Dorchester Habitat for Humanity’s 69th home

Tamika Quattlebaum became the proud new homeowner of nonprofit organization Dorchester Habitat for Humanity’s 69th home at the beginning of 2020. This is an accomplishment for many reasons but at the center is still the core of our mission, to provide hope for a...

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Reborn: How to restore outdated furniture

Benefits of Restoring Old Furniture There are many benefits to restoring old furniture: it’s good for the planet, it’s often cheaper than buying a full set of brand-new pieces, and you can make use of old varnishes and paint. Investing time in a project can be hugely...

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