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Dorchester Habitat for Humanity constructs safe, permanent homes in partnership with low-to-moderate-income individuals and families who are not able to afford a conventional mortgage. Dorchester Habitat for Humanity provides a hand-up – not a handout – to local individuals and families.

Qualified future homeowners contribute sweat-equity hours assisting in the ReStore and construction of homes for other families before ultimately helping to build their own homes. Additionally, qualified future homeowners participate in financial education coaching and classes to prepare them for homeownership. In return, they receive an affordable, no-interest home mortgage. Monthly mortgage payments are used to help build future Habitat homes.


Homeownership Program Application Interest Meetings for the Summer of 2024

The Spring Meetings are now closed.  We will announce the Meetings for the Summer of 2024 in the near future. 

    Registration is required. Register for a meeting (please, register for only 1 meeting) at: https://calendly.com/dorchester-habitat/homeownership-program-application-interest-meetings

    You must attend one of the meetings to apply for the Homeownership Program in the Summer of 2024. You cannot submit an Application for the Homeownership Program in the Summer of 2024 if you do not attend one of the meetings.

    Before contacting us with questions, watch the video to the left and be certain that you meet the REQUIREMENTS TO APPLY and the HOUSEHOLD INCOME GUIDELINES below.

    Still have questions? Email home@dorchesterhabitat.org or call (843) 851-1414, ext. 112.

    Requirements To Apply

    • Live and/or work in Dorchester County for the last year.
    • Ability to pay an affordable Habitat mortgage.
    • Need for decent and affordable housing.
    • Willingness to partner by completing 425 hours of sweat-equity.

    Questions? Email home@dorchesterhabitat.org or call 843-851-1414 ext. 112.

    Team Dorchester


    Family Size Minimum Annual Income Maximum Annual Income
    1 $23,835 $54,480
    2 $27,230 $62,240
    3 $30,625 $70,000
    4 $34,020 $77,760
    5 $36,750 $84,000

    To be eligible to apply with Dorchester Habitat for Humanity, you must live and/or work in our geographic service area. We serve Dorchester County. If you do not live and/or work in Dorchester County, you will want to contact the Habitat for Humanity affiliate that serves your community. Please be certain that you live and/or work in Dorchester County-having a Summerville address does not mean that your address is in Dorchester County.

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