Tabatha Smith is a joyful mother of two who puts the needs of others far before her own. She sings in the choir at her church and is excited to finally start building her future home.  She has had her fair share of heartache throughout her life but you would never know from the way she treats co-workers, family and friends.

Originally from Ridgeville, Tabatha has worked at Key West Boats for 15 years. She loves her job and the people she works with.

“I’m outdoing and speak my mind at work,” she said. “I love helping people so it’s the best part of my day.”

In 2016, Tabatha’s husband passed away after a long term sickness. Eight days later her mom passed away. Tabatha got her certification in nursing just so she could care for her husband and mother during this time.  Tabatha is excited that her brother, Tyrone will be living in her new home with her. As a future home occupant, he has been able to help Tabatha with the 425 Sweat Equity Hours required to complete the homeownership program.

“I’m excited for him to live with me in a safe place,” she shared. “He’s been through a lot and deserves to be happy.”

An interesting fact about Tabatha is that she spent 5 years modeling for the Millie Lewis agency. She remembers meeting Halle Berry at a photo shoot long before she became a celebrity.

“I’m a tomboy at heart and I really don’t like wearing make-up,” she said. “My favorite part was helping people pick out clothes at the store.”

Tabatha currently pays over $1400 in rent where she lives now and can’t wait to own something that’s all hers.

“I can’t let my daughter play outside with our dog right now because it doesn’t feel safe,” she said. “I can’t wait to go on my own porch, paint my walls and not need to wait for a landlord to fix something.”

She loves telling people how the homeownership program helps teach you to budget even if you don’t qualify for a home.

“It helps you split between your needs and wants,” she said. “I like to spend money on shoes so I need a budget.”

Please join our nonprofit organization in welcoming Tabatha to the Habitat family and be praying for her as she works through the program.

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