Acceptable Things You Can Donate to ReStore

Oct 1, 2022 | Volunteer

Donations of building materials, home furnishings, electronics, and other household items are accepted at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. These donations come from individuals, businesses, and contractors, and habitat for Humanity will receive 100 percent of the profits from selling these high-quality goods to the general public. You might also consider donating some unused items that are in good condition and still functional.

How does the ReStore system function?

ReStores are charitable home improvement shops and donation locations, and Dorchester manages them. They sell products that are available to the general public and analogous to those found in other stores that sell home furnishings.

These items may include a one-of-a-kind antique you’ve been looking for or a brand-new package of tiles that would be perfect for the bathroom remodel you’ve been planning. However, Habitat ReStores are different from other retail establishments selling used goods.

The support of the overall mission of Habitat for Humanity is the objective of Habitat ReStore. You can contribute to the effort to ensure that decent housing is accessible to all people by shopping at, donating to, or volunteering at the local ReStore in your community.

What Kind of Goods Can You Purchase at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore?

The ReStore sells various donated goods, including vintage furniture and accessories, functional appliances, utensils, lamps, and other household items. The funds are used to support multiple initiatives relating to the construction of habitats. The ReStore in Dorchester is currently accepting donations of various kinds. You can request a donation acknowledgment slip if you need it for tax-related purposes.

What Kinds of Donations Can I Bring to the ReStore?

Whatever you plan to give away, ensure it is of the highest possible standard. It is in perfect condition; it has no blemishes, cracks, or rust and operates without problems. Think about the fact that you could give away both new and used items. Then, what kinds of things can we accept at the ReStore? The following are some of the contributions that can be made to this volunteer organization:


Arrangements of tables and chairs in sets

We would be grateful to donate any table and chair sets of high quality that you might have. However, remember that they must be completely free of any scratches or stains before using them. Don’t worry about bringing the items to ReStore on your own because you can always schedule a free pick-up, so there’s no need to do so.


The Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Dorchester accepts all home furnishings, including but not limited to sofas, beds, seating areas, bed frames, and complete bedroom set donations. Before you give away the items, check to see that they have been thoroughly cleaned of animal hair and that they are not damaged, soiled, or dented.

Home Electronics and Appliances

You are welcome to give any information regarding household appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, washers, and heating systems. You are aware of it and probably have something helpful to contribute to them. It would be best if you also remembered that every appliance needs to be in good working order and contain all essential components to be fully operational.

Luminaires and other types of lighting fixtures

Recycling of lighting systems can be accomplished through the use of recovery companies or other community organizations. Lights that still work are typically in high demand from secondhand stores, and numerous charitable organizations use donated lightbulbs to remodel low-income properties. Wire, light fittings, and button covers are all good things to contribute to reducing waste materials.

Donating to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Dorchester is one way to eliminate items you no longer need but still feel good about eliminating from your home.


A common component of kitchen remodels the installation of new shelves. To your good fortune, the cabinet doors you are throwing away might be helpful to somebody else, and recycling them will help reduce the number of waste materials produced. When you give someone a cabinet, the panels and shelves should be kept together, and the draw handles should work correctly.

It would be helpful if you only donated the current cabinets in working order. In addition, they must not have any marks, mold, or fungus.

Supplies for plumbing and sanitary facilities

Donations can be made of a wide variety of items, including but not limited to pipes, faucets, vanity sets, and many more. The essential requirement is that they have not been used for more than five years and are still fully operational. Objects must have a high aesthetic quality, meaning they must be free of rust, chipping, and discoloration.

Lumber and other building materials and supplies

Recycling wood from construction or renovation projects in the home is not difficult. Because exposed screws and nails can present a safety risk, most charitable organizations that accept donated lumber stipulate that the material must be screw- and nail-free. There are also issues with processed wood and certain types of wood that have torn or sharp edges.

The larger pieces of wood, such as two-by-fours and chipboard, are two examples of the types of wood that restoration companies typically accept. A nearby carpentry class could use smaller bits of wood that you have lying around.

The ReStore is happy to accept any insulation, wood, or shingle packages that are not damaged. Please remember that any lumber you supply must be devoid of hooks.


Do your storage boxes have an excessive amount of tools in them? Donating some of your devices to ReStore, such as nails, hammers, screws, or pliers, can help clear up some space in your home. Think about the fact that each donation you make goes toward a worthy cause and helps to make someone else’s life a little easier.

Bedsteads and Bedframes

Do you have spare bed frames but are unsure what to do with them? Rather than disposing of them in a dumpster, it would be helpful to donate them to a ReStore instead of throwing them away. Even though you no longer require them, many people do.

What kinds of donations will not be accepted at the ReStore?

Although ReStore is happy to accept a wide range of products, there are some things that you are unable to donate for several different reasons.

It is essential to recognize that the items on this list may be altered in ways that were not anticipated. Even though you cannot contribute at this time, you may be in a position to do so in the future about a particular item.

Which kinds of items are you unable to give away at this time? The following constitutes this category:

Gym Apparatus
Baby Equipment
Music Apparatus
Window Coverings
Kitchen Utensils
Porcelain Cupboard


Volunteering at a ReStore is unquestionably more socially responsible than throwing your garbage away in the trash can. You can also donate items that are in pristine condition and still have the potential to be used in the future. Make sure that any small components in products made up of multiple pieces, such as door handles, light fittings, and water fittings, are kept together.

Examine things for rust, nails with points, or cracked boards. Donations that are well organized and presentable are straightforward to donate, and Habitat for Humanity is available to offer assistance.

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