Spring is the time of year when many homeowners engage in the traditional ‘spring clean’ and clear out all of the old junk they own in preparation for the rest of the year ahead.

Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, there has never been a better time than now to start clearing out your home and getting rid of all the old stuff you don’t need.

You’ve probably been couped up in your home for many weeks, so you’ve noticed the things you love and the ones that are just taking up space.

As the Shelter In Place orders come to a gradual end, you can start to get rid of your old items and make your home a haven again.

At the non-profit organization Dorchester Habitat for Humanity, we appreciate that you want to get rid of your unwanted possessions, and we’re here to help you make your house a home. Here’s a selection of top tips to help you get rid of only the items you don’t need and dispose of them in a way that benefits you and your local community.

Take An Organized Approach

The first stage in the process is to organize the work. Work systematically through each room of your home so that you do a thorough job on each one. Create neat piles of items you want to keep, those you want to throw away, and the ones you can donate to a good cause to help those in need.

Enlist Family Members

The quarantine was a tedious experience, so many individuals will be feeling bored and disinterested in doing the things they love most. If any family member is feeling the lockdown blues, get them involved in your decluttering project. Ask them to help you make your home more habitable and create a safe, comfortable space for your entire household. Having a comfortable home is vital to everyone’s wellbeing, including your family’s, so ask them to be a part of making your home a great space for everyone.

Consider Donating To ReStore

When you’re trying to find somewhere to take your used items, consider Dorchester Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, our store allows you to donate used items, including:

  • Functioning Appliances
  • Gently-used Furniture
  • Home Décor
  • Building Materials
  • Functioning HVAC and AC Units
  • Books
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Architectural Items
  • And Much More.

As long as the items are high-quality and usable for either our homebuilding work or for sale in the store, we’re usually able to take them.

Some of the items we don’t accept include:

  • Alcohol
  • Moldy Or Dirty Items
  • Smelly Items
  • Live Animals Of Any Sort
  • Pesticides
  • Paint, Partial Cans Of Paint Or Oil-Based Paints
  • Tires
  • Swimming Pools Of Any Kind
  • Toxic Materials
  • Water Beds
  • And More.

If you’re unsure of what you can and can’t bring into our ReStore, please reach out to the team, who will be happy to discuss the items we can take and what isn’t of any use to us.

Find A Refuse Center For Unusable Items

Anything that our ReStore, or any other charity outlet, cannot take should be disposed of safely.

Take it to a local refuse center and make sure that you sort it into the correct garbage can so that they can dispose of it correctly.

Electrical items and batteries, for example, require special handling if they are to be disposed of safely, so consult with your refuse center if you are unsure of what to do with your used electrical items.

Double Check That Everyone Is Happy Before You Get Rid Of Anything

When you’re sharing a home with family or roommates, you must make sure that you’re all happy.

That means that when you’re clearing out your home, you need to check that no one wants the items you’re getting rid of before throwing them away.

Just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean it isn’t in use. Communicate with your household before you throw out your clutter to avoid upset later.

Enjoy Your Clean, Tidy Home!

Now that you’ve decluttered your space, you’ll have a lot more space to enjoy. You and your loved ones can make the most of your new space by including new furniture or appliances in it or just using it to spread yourselves out.

If you’re looking for new furniture, consider heading back to the ReStore to find reasonably priced new and used items.

All of our profits go towards helping the least fortunate and give them the chance to own a home, so you’ll be able to give back even while you purchase new pieces for your interiors.

If you want to find out more about Dorchester Habitat for Humanity and the vital work we do throughout the Summerville, South Carolina area, please contact us. Our team is always happy to talk through our services with interested community members and explain how they can get involved.

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