Volunteering and donating your money to charity is a great way to give back to your local community and improve your life. Using your time to support others can also benefit your mental wellbeing, but it can be hard to find the right charity to support.

With so many charitable organizations out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with choice. There’s everything from small charities to international groups, animal charities to those that support people, and much more. Charity work also varies, ranging from raising funds to providing first-hand aid to those in need.

While we firmly believe that every charity deserves support, we think that in 2020, Dorchester Habitat for Humanity provides genuinely vital services. We need your help now more than ever before. Here is a small selection of the reasons why you should consider supporting us now and in the future.

Our Work Is More Important Now Than Ever Before

During a global pandemic, in which the population needs to stay at home to prevent the spread of a potentially fatal virus, safe housing is more vital than it ever has been. Those who don’t have a safe home are at the most risk than anyone else of catching the virus, so they need somewhere to stay to keep themselves safe. We are committed to ensuring that individuals and families throughout the Dorchester county area have access to homeownership options so that we can help to reduce the impact of the virus and support our local community.

Demand Is Rising For Affordable Housing

The pandemic has meant that many more people are facing financial hardship, and as such, they might find themselves without access to comfortable housing. Therefore, building quality housing and helping individuals learn about managing their money, no matter how limited their income might be, is essential. We help people from all walks of life to enjoy secure housing and live their best lives. If our nation wants to improve the economy and overcome this challenge, we need to focus on putting housing into the people’s hands, not banks and financial institutions. If you want to find out more about our work and how we support your local community, follow our blog.

We Do More Than Just Build Houses

While Habitat For Humanity is renowned for building homes, we do a lot more. As well as building new homes for those in need, we also host events for members of the local community, teach financial management, and much more. As such, we offer essential services that can help people both now and in the future. Many charities offer short-term support but are unable to help in the long run. We offer advice and support that can last a lifetime and teach skills such as money management and carpentry that recipients can pass down to future generations.

When You Support Us, You Support Your Local Community

Many charities offer their support nationwide, meaning that when you help them to raise funds, that money might not be spent near where you live. However, when you collaborate with us, your hard work will benefit people in your local community. Habitat For Humanity operates worldwide, but our Dorchester chapter serves the Summerville area and other towns and cities in the Dorchester County area. So, if you choose to help us, you’ll make your local community a better place for everyone to live in, including yourself and your loved ones.

Safe Housing Is More Important Than You Might Think

It’s easy to take your home for granted when you’ve never faced the prospect of being without it, but being homeless or living in unsafe housing can cause severe problems for families and community members. Having a safe home is vital for your mental and physical well-being, and it can impact the outcome of your entire life. Without somewhere to call home, people find it hard to get a job, earn the skills they need, and even vote. Being homeless can also cause issues for kids and lead to problems throughout their lives. As such, when you volunteer with us, you’ll help to provide safe housing for members of your local community and ensure that they and their families have a better life in the future.

You Can Learn New Skills When You Volunteer With Us

Volunteering with us doesn’t just benefit your local community; you’ll also be able to improve your own life. You can learn new skills such as carpentry, home building, and construction if you help us build homes. If you volunteer in our ReStore, you can learn people skills, salesmanship, and store management. All of these skills can enrich your life and your CV, meaning that you could land the job of your dreams in the future. When you volunteer for smaller charities, you might not earn as many skills, but with us, you’re always learning. As such, you can improve your life while helping others enjoy a safe home and more financial stability.

Dorchester Habitat for Humanity Offers A Range Of Ways To Help

Some charities require specific assistance and need skilled volunteers, but we have a wide range of ways that you can help. Volunteering to build houses for us requires no construction skill or experience because we’ll give you all the training you need. We also run a used furniture store, the ReStore, where you can volunteer to sell used items to help fund our valuable work. If you’re not interested in donating your time, we always welcome monetary bequests, which help us pay for our work and ensure that everyone has access to a safe and comfortable home.

Everyone at Dorchester Habitat for Humanity hopes that we’ve convinced you to help us keep providing our vital services in this tough year. If you’d like to dedicate your time and money to make your local community a better place, then contact us today.

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