Spreading Joy – Beautiful Ways You Can Give Back to the Community

Oct 1, 2019 | Blog, Stories

An act of kindness can turn this world into a better place to live.

However small, these actions can make a huge difference in someone’s life and bring contentment to the doer.

If you are someone passionate about helping people in need or giving back to society, getting enrolled with a charity organization like Dorchester Habitat for Humanity can be a great choice. Together, you can drive a change and build a community where happiness is all that thrives.

But besides getting associated with a charity, there are several ways you can carry your philanthropy activities and create a positive impact in the community.

If you wonder how you can help the needy in your society or bring a smile to someone’s face, this article will help you. We have listed down how you can help society become a peaceful place for all, have a read –

Organize a Food Drive

As per a report, over 11.3% of the world’s population has no food to eat, and over 805 million people eat less than 2100 calories a day.

These figures are enough to fathom the gravity of hunger in the world. Although one cannot feed every hungry individual, it is quite possible to commit not to let anyone go to bed on an empty stomach in their locality. Organizing a food drive or starting a free food truck can go a long way in ensuring people in need have enough food.

Moreover, you can start on the journey to charity by merely donating food items to food banks that serve homeless people. So, the next time you grocery shop, get extra cans of beans for the homeless in your locality.

Support Working Community

No doubt, industrialization has improved our living standards, but this development has come with local businesses’ costs.

Many local businesses are struggling to survive in this competitive world, thus falling into poverty. As an informed citizens, we can contribute to uplifting such small-scale labor-intensive businesses by purchasing their products. Simply deciding to always shop from the local farmer’s market or handloom shops can bring a drastic change in their lives and give a steady income source.

Donate Blood

In the United States alone, there is a need for blood every two seconds.

Donate Blood

This is one of the simplest ways to help society. Blood from one person can save up to three lives.

However, only 38% of the US population is eligible to donate it.

If you are one of this 38% of the population, you can become a donor. You can go to a hospital or the nearest blood bank to donate your blood. If you are unfit to donate blood yourself, you can conduct a blood donation drive and encourage others to do this life-saving act of humanity.


Offering your services or skills is a great way to build a community. If you wish to volunteer, it is essential to determine what cause you wish to support.

Suppose you are on fences regarding which volunteering service to choose from, browse the Internet. There are several charities and non-profit organizations that offer volunteering opportunities for interested people.

If you are good at home repair or construction work, you can enroll with Habitat For Humanity Summerville SC that builds affordable housing for low-income families. One can give a helping hand to construct a house as an individual volunteer or associate with the charity as an organization or community group.

Giving things that are no longer essential for you to someone who may need them is a great way to help someone prevent garbage accumulation.

You can donate things as small as food items, books, clothes, and shoes or as big as furniture. During a major catastrophe, the need for essential items is always high. To help people in distress find hope and faith, one can make a monetary donation or donate food and clothing items.

Besides this, charitable organizations like Habitat for Humanity accept home improvement items and home construction materials. The donated items are then sold to raise money for building affordable homes for people in need.

One can either donate their new or gently used household goods or purchase from their ReSort shop. This serves two purposes: one; it helps the community; second, it reduces fossil fuel consumption.

Volunteer with Animal Shelter

Animals are an integral part of our society. As conscious citizens, we must be attentive to their needs.

There are various animal shelters and rescue organizations where there is a need for volunteers and helpers. You can join such organizations as a pet caretaker or foster parent. Moreover, being around animals is a great way to find relief from stress and counter depression.

Support a Senior Citizen Shelter

Nursing homes and senior centers are always in need of people who can drop by to give company to the elderly admitted to the facility.

By spending as little as 30 minutes a day in such centers, you can help seniors feel connected to the world. Just have a healthy conversation with them or go out for a walk and see how happy they would feel with your little act of kindness.

Build Homes 

You might be wondering that building a house is too much of a task; however, it is not.

Building a home with Dorchester Habitat For Humanity is a great way to put shelter over an underprivileged family and build a community. The best part about Habitat for humanity is that one need not have engineering or construction skills to volunteer. You can contribute to the organization in several ways. You can choose to volunteer to construct a house, donate household items like home appliances, furniture, or offer monetary support. The charitable organization welcomes people who have a passion for serving the community and helping residents who need a home.

If you also want to contribute to the community, you can find plenty of websites and organizations on the Internet that offers volunteering jobs or accepts donations.

However, if you find Habitat of Humanity to be the right pick for your cause, you can get in touch with our team at 843 851-1414 for more details.

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