We would like to honor the life of one of our beloved Habitat homeowners who passed away from dementia at the age of 62 on January 14th. Rezinda White was Dorchester Habitat for Humanity’s 54th homeowner. She worked hard to raise her three sons as a single mother and build and move into her house in 2014. Rezinda’s home was the first build to partner with Duncan Parnell which has flourished into one of our strongest partnerships today. Rezinda was a Bakery Manager for Publix and for additional income she baked and decorated cakes from home. Dorchester Habitat for Humanity’s President and CEO Jaye Elliott remembers the gift Rezinda had of making everyone smile despite their circumstances.

“No matter what she was going through she always smiled and cared for other people and tried to help them,” she said. “She wanted a home for her kids and her grandchildren to be able to come to. She wanted lots of room where she could bake her cakes. She showed her love to people through baking and decorating her cakes.”

Rezinda never missed a mortgage payment on her home. Towards the end of her life, her sons took care of her and kept her in her home as long as possible because it was what she recognized and where she felt most comfortable. She felt a sense of safety there that we all hope to feel at home. The proceeds from the sale of Rezinda’s home covered the cost of long-term care she needed last year. Her sons said this was a huge blessing for them. Her youngest son got married in September of last year and was so grateful to be able to dance with his mom at his wedding celebration.

This is an excerpt from Rezinda’s obituary:

She dedicated her life to raising her three sons and serving her community. Her business “Zin’s Bake Shop” helped countless people celebrate birthdays, weddings, and other special events. She also founded Good News Christian Ministries, which included an afterschool program, English as a Second Language, and Job Preparedness Classes for the underserved. Throughout her entire life, she held an unwavering faith in God, which she shared with those who surrounded her in word and deed. Through her ministry, she was a second mother to so many young girls and boys, who are now strong men and women.

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