How Do Non-Profit Organizations Help The Homeless?

Jul 1, 2021 | News

A non profit organization has a crucial role to play in the community. Although many people feel the need to do some charity work, they may not always find the right avenues—we at Dorchester Habitat For Humanity understand this. Our organization believes that if people have a straightforward way to do so well for those who don’t have much, it encourages them to become more involved with volunteer organizations.

What Are the Different Ways a Charitable Organization Helps the Homeless?

We at Habitat for Humanity adopt a multi-pronged approach in our work. It helps people from within the community do as much as possible to help the homeless. We provide these different options for you to help us help the homeless:


Your donations will help to provide decent, simple shelter to homeless families in Dorchester County. By donating to habitat for humanity Summerville, SC, you help answer the prayers of many who wonder when they will have their place to live. Through your donations, our charitable organization helps people become financially stable so that they can focus on assuming the responsibility of making payments against an interest-free mortgage.


Many people need homes, and a non-profit organization like ours helps by bringing in volunteers for various projects. If you are inclined to pitch in for home repair or construction work, you can volunteer for it through a charitable organization. These volunteer opportunities are open for individuals, businesses, local organizations, faith communities, and corporations who can volunteer together. Many sponsorship opportunities are available, and these include additional benefits. You can sign up for the construction or repair work you want to do in advance.

Habitat for Humanity Restore

If you do not have the time or skills to lift a hammer and do construction or repair work, you can do your bit somehow. At Habitat For Humanity Restore Summerville, SC (a home improvement outlet), you can find something used or new every day. The ReStore accepts all types of used and new appliances, donated furniture, lighting fixtures, building materials, and many other home goods.

We sell these items and channel the money towards our homebuilding efforts. You can also volunteer at ReStore, and your efforts to build homes for people in our community will help give people new hope. Volunteers can help repair donated items, assist customers, and price and organize the inventory.

This becomes an excellent way for individuals and businesses to buy and donate new and gently used building materials and household goods. As mentioned, the proceeds go towards building affordable housing in various areas of Dorchester County.

More than 250 Mil tons of material (a lot of it is recyclable) are dumped by Americans annually. When you donate to the ReStore, you quickly become part of the solution and help reduce fossil fuel consumption, minimizing landfills in your backyards while allowing local families to own a home for the first time.

Carpenter’s Club

You can become part of the Carpenters Club by pledging $12/more each month toward every home habitat for humanity Summerville, SC builds. Carpenters Club members provide consistent funding and reliable sources of funds that help our charitable organization partner with many more families. We build five to six homes each year, and you, as a Carpenter’s club member, get the opportunity to meet partner families of these homes and see the neighborhood, which can be incredibly rewarding. 

Planned Gifts for Charity 

Our charitable organization makes a positive impact on underserved families that require a roof above their heads. You can also give different types of planned gifts. These grant you membership into our organization’s Legacy Giving Society. Some examples of planned gifts include:

  • Bequests- You can add Dorchester Habitat for Humanity in your will as a beneficiary.
  • Real Estate- You can transfer real estate titles to our charitable organization.
  • Gifts of Securities- Transferring ownership of mutual funds/stocks to Habitat for Humanity.
  • Gifts of IRA/ Life Insurance- Name our organization as a beneficiary in your IRA or Life Insurance
  • Gift Annuities- The transfer of a gift of property, cash, or securities, to Habitat for Humanity now, and you will receive a fixed payment for life, possible capital gains savings, and tax deduction.

Your gift will help in a significant way with organizing land purchases, operations, and our homebuilding programs unless specified. As you can see, there are many different ways in which you can do your bit and donate to a credible charitable institution like ours. We are one of the most well-recognized volunteer organizations in the region, and our consistent efforts have helped change the lives of many families for the better.

We work relentlessly and encourage members of the community to donate or volunteer in any way they can. At the same time, you may not recognize it; all the efforts and donations that you make count. You can check out more details about all these different avenues for doing charity work. We provide you with these various methods of making a positive change in someone’s life so that you feel empowered and encouraged to do even more.

How Does Our Charitable Organization Summerville Work?

While several charities are doing good work, we give you several options to do your good deeds differently. You can help the homeless by volunteering to construct homes, donating your used furniture to charity, and more. It’s an excellent way to be grateful for your things and do some good for the underserved.

For any more details about how our charitable organization helps the local community, or if you are interested in want to donate to a cause we support, please call Dorchester Habitat For Humanity at (843) 851-1414. You can write to us through this Contact Us form; one of our team members will call you shortly. You have the option to check out Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore to find things to buy. You can also donate new furniture that you might not use.

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