You know that refreshed, happy feeling you get when you rearrange the living room furniture? We do too – and it’s even better when you spruce up your entire home with a few new-to-you pieces.

While affording what you really love isn’t always easy, redecorating the house doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. The Dorchester Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a fabulous place to start searching for your dream home items.

Here are 5 reasons to check out what the Restore offers.

  1. You Can Get Trendy Items at a Fraction of the Cost

A lot of people think a used furniture store doesn’t necessarily have trendy items, but this simply is not the case. Because other folks just like you are constantly bringing in items – from artwork to end tables and everything in between – shoppers are certain to find the newest fashions (hello, Pinterest dreams!) at a fraction of the cost.

  1. Items Change Every Day, So You Can Keep Shopping

Have something in mind for your house, but just haven’t quite found it yet? Don’t give up! If you shop at the Dorchester Habitat ReStore, items change almost every day, making it more likely you will stumble across your ideal something.

“Some people aren’t aware of everything we offer at the ReStore. From clothing to furniture, to building materials to workout equipment or electronics, the list is endless of what you find when you visit,” says Caroline Miler, Marketing and Development Director of non profit organization Dorchester Habitat for Humanity.

  1. DIY Fans Will Be Pleasantly Surprised

Calling all crafty types! Shopping at your neighborhood ReStore location is the perfect spot to find inspiration for your latest project. Whether you are planning to paint a dresser with pink swirls for your six-year-old daughter or sand down and stain a rocking chair for the back porch, the elements to complete a masterpiece are waiting to be found.

“Anyone who has a crafty and creative eye, and a little bit of free time, sees the ReStore as a gold mine,” affirms Miler. “Refinishing a worn dresser or table makes it seem like new again. Throw on some fun new knobs, and you won’t even recognize it.  As for couches or chairs, a lot of our DIY-ers bring new life to these items by reupholstering them with some fresh fabric. A pop of color can really change the look in your entire room or house.”

  1. Don’t Forget to Swap Out Later

Here’s another great thing about shopping at your ReStore – when it’s time to replace the items you buy today, you can donate them tomorrow and feel great about it. Donating furniture, artwork and other household items is a good way to replenish the ReStore for the community to find what they need, and you get the opportunity to look for your next dream piece! It’s a win-win.

  1. Feeling Good About Helping the Community Is Part of the Deal

Here’s the most important part of shopping at your neighborhood ReStore – you can feel good about helping the community at large. When you spend dollars at the ReStore to purchase fun and interesting new pieces for your home, that money is also helping fund Habitat for Humanity programs. Funds go toward building houses and putting your own Dorchester County neighbors into safe, friendly neighborhoods.

“In fact, the ReStore is Habitat for Humanity’s largest fundraiser,” says Miler. “We couldn’t carry out our mission without our shoppers and donors, and every donation is tax-deductible!”

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