KC is Dorchester Habitat for Humanity’s first ever future homeowner who is an employee of the ReStore. She has worked as an administrative assistant scheduling donation pick-ups with our trucks for almost two years. She grew up in Moncks corner and has lived in second floor apartments her whole life. One of the biggest motivations for her to build her own home is so that her grandmother can visit her.

“She can’t do the stairs so I go every day to see her in the nursing home,” she said. “But one day I want her to be able to come to my home.”

KC’s son DJ is 19 and will also live in her home. DJ heard about his mom being accepted to the program when our Executive Director, Jaye Elliott introduced KC on her first day at the build site.

“He was shocked,” she said. “I didn’t tell him I had applied because I didn’t think I would qualify.”

So far, KC has loved spending her Saturdays at the construction site with volunteer groups and other future homeowners.

“It was so amazing and an eye-opener,” she said. “I didn’t think it would be that hard and that much work but I’d do it every day if I could.”

In 2007 KC’s identity was stolen when thieves stole her car with her wallet and ID’s inside. Within an hour the thieves had incurred thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges at the mall and continued to write checks that resulted in her false imprisonment. Her son was four at the time.

“I’m so thankful DJ wasn’t in the car that morning,” she remembers. “I’ve been working years to clear that debt up and get my credit back where it needs to be.”

KC hopes she can have the motivation to complete her required 425 sweat equity hours. She thinks of herself as a procrastinator so she knows she will need the encouragement from family, friends and her co-workers. KC also works the night shift for TSA at the Charleston Airport. She has been held at gunpoint before when trying to get to her car for her shift.

“Walking out of my apartment at 3am to go to work is always scary,” she said.

KC said moving into her own home would be the biggest game changer in her life. She currently deals with mold and mildew at her apartment and management that is unresponsive. She can’t wait to have a place she can call her own.

“I’m waiting for the day to get those keys in my hand,” she said. “This is the first thing I’ve ever really fought for that I hope to be a great success.”

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